Perambulating Comb Ridge

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As tends to happen, after the non-stop schedule of outdoor excursions in December and January, we ended up spending most of February and March at home. Between being hammered by seasonal viruses and allergies, and the allure of the beautiful late winter weather in Albuquerque (all those warm, sunny, blue sky days to absorb), we were suffering from a serious case of inertia. We ended up ditching our last scheduled ski trip for the year (it was hard to wrap my head around snow while frantically planting and weeding the vegetable garden), but rescheduled with a trip to canyon country. It’s been a few years since we’ve knocked around southern Utah, and the camper was overdue for its first non-snow shakedown trip. I’ve been wanting to explore the area along Comb Ridge, and it’s the perfect area for using the camper as a base for day hiking excursions into the canyons. We only had a few days to explore – you could easily lose yourself for months with all the cool stuff to see, so we decided to spend two days on Comb Wash Road, and one day on Butler Wash Road. Not nearly enough time, but we’ll be back for sure. For now, here are some pics from day one. Our original plan was to hike part of Road Canyon, but the eastern end of Snow Flat Road was a bit slippy, so we continued up Comb Wash Road to the trailhead for lower Fish Canyon (the next day’s planned outing) and walked the old road up on the mesa that connects the canyon with the upper end of Snow Flat Road. It was nice to stretch out and get a feel for the mesa before diving into the canyons.


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