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Arches National Park.

This was a first for us. Previously, I had been leery about driving into the Park due to the crowds, however, I couldn’t ignore the allure of all those arches any longer. Due to recent rain, we ditched plans for the intended canyon hike, and spent the better part of a day hiking to Double O Arch and returning via the primitive trail. In hindsight, the primitive trail wasn’t the best choice after wet weather. All the wet sand that had been tracked up onto the slickrock by previous hikers had turned into ball bearings. There were several spots where the slickrock traverses were quite treacherous. Fortunately we joined forces with a few other folks to navigate the worst bits, and everyone made it back in one piece. Oh, and thanks to social media updates, we were able to catch up with California friends on the trail to Delicate Arch.  

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