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I feel like being too busy living life to write about it is not a bad thing. On the other hand, I admit, a few recent evenings spent slouched in front of the moving pictures may have been better spent on this space. For instance, there was this awesome trip back in November that you might enjoy reading about, but I can barely remember the details, and I’m just now getting around to looking at the photo evidence. The trip began taking shape about a week before Thanksgiving, when we realized neither of us had pressing work deadlines for the holiday week. Usually, the planning for our Thanksgiving trips begins weeks, maybe months, ahead of time. This time our planning was pretty much limited to “I can’t decide if I want my feet on red rock or in snow” and “Remember that awesome place in Moab where we had breakfast?” That was enough, though. We tossed a bunch of food, water, maps, hiking gear and snowshoes into the camper (oh, and a guidebook to the La Sal Mountains so ancient that it immediately split into three sections when I opened it), and took off. Our rough plan was to tourist around the national parks and BLM land for a couple of days, then head up into the mountains in search of snow, leaving before the next snowstorm rolled in. The outline worked pretty well, although our Moab breakfast plans were thwarted by holiday vacation hours. We saw dino fossils and footprints, did some quick drive-by National Parking, ran into California friends at the most famous arch of all the Utah arches, and goofed around in the snow. My only regret was not bringing the skis, as there was already some pretty nice snow up on Geyser Pass. Anyway, I’ve only managed to look through one day of photos. Here’s a sampling from that late afternoon/sunset excursion in the Island in the Sky region of Canyonlands National Park:

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