White Christmas

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We’re on a roll now:¬†With a second overnight snowshoe trip under our belts, we have started to find our snow legs and get into the rhythm of winter camping. The combination of slower starts in the cold mornings, short days, and difficult work of breaking a trail through deep powder means that we need to adjust the scope of our wandering. For the recent two night trip over Christmas, we explored the lower end of the East Fork of the Red River on trail 56. The road to the trail head is not plowed, which means, even with the bionic subie, we had to park at the end of highway 578 and hike the last mile and a half to the trail head. The only other travelers on the trail lately had been rabbit, deer, and perhaps a lone coyote, so we were stomping through powder for most of the trip. To lighten our load, we set up a base camp not too far in from the trail head, and spent the second day exploring with our less-laden packs. We were hoping to travel the entire length of the East Fork Trail, but ended up turning around much sooner than we had anticipated – breaking a trail through the powder made for slow going, but the solitude was definitely worth the extra effort.

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