Beginning of the Day at the End of the World

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I have to admit, despite the fact that I’m normally an early riser, when camping, it usually takes more than a tinge of pink in the sky to lure me out of my down nest. Even though I’ve been lucky enough to wake up in some incredibly beautiful places, I don’t usually photograph sunrises – I might witness them from a prone position through a tent flap, but that’s about it. However, last week, the last morning I awoke in Torres del Paine National Park, I was lured out of the tent at dawn by the blustery Patagonian weather that had finally arrived after 4 beautiful sunny, warm, windless, kind of boring days – can you believe I’m complaining about having perfect weather? Anyway, half asleep, I scrambled out the tent and grabbed the camera to capture a bit of the drama. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have my wits about me, and left the monopod and everything but the 50mm lens behind. I had to crank the ISO and brace the camera against a rickety signpost to capture what I guess is just a typical morning along Lago Pehoe. Anyway, here are a couple of the shots:

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