A Perfect Autumn Weekend

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So much to do and so little time . . .  every year we vow to carve out more time for wandering around in the outdoors, but then, typically, we allow all sorts of other stuff to get in the way. Not this year. This year we’ve selfishly turned down invitations and ignored household chores to ensure that we can be outside at least one weekend per month. As a result, we  have finally enjoyed some of the quintessential New Mexican outdoor excursions that have been on our list since moving here. This weekend was a twofer: we were able to wander around in the woods, bathed in the golden autumn sunlight filtered through the turning aspen leaves, while peaking Santa Fe Baldy.

The trek from the Santa Fe ski basin to the peak of Baldy is about 7 miles each way (with 2,200 feet of elevation gain) – doable as a long day trip, but why rush if you don’t have to, especially when the aspens are aglow? We took the leisurely approach and packed in the first 4 miles and spent the night, which allowed us to peak early in the morning and still get home in time to enjoy a lazy Sunday evening.

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